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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Three of a kind

Well, we arrived back in Hanoi from our month long trip on a Sunday, and Jayne and Bharti had already landed and settled into their hotel in Hanoi...no rest for the wicked then!
After a couple of days of dislocated timings (none of us seemed capable of eating or drinking at the same time!), Cath arrived...having made a reservation for a non-existant room at the Taramind Cafe...to add to the fun, Bharti, Jayne and Cath's mobile phones seemed to work on an intermitant basis, allowing all sorts of cock-ups and missed rendevous to take (or rather not to take)place...
After being given a whirlwind tour of Hanoi (and Bharti getting a liking for motorbike rides) the dynamic threesome headed up to Sapa for a few days, and like everyone before who has visited the place, came back with amusing tales of being bargined with to within an inch of their lives...then there was the H'mong baby which we'll leave for another time.

Cath come home...London's Calling!
After a brief trip to Ha Long bay, Hoi An was next on the list with Cath deciding to stay for a couple of days extra in Hanoi before joining Jayne and Bharti in Hoi An, during which period she revealed her love for all things London related, and could be heard singing along to London's Calling at 3am in Half Man Half Noodle - Good on yer Cath - nothing better than a scouser falling in love with the big smoke, eh?

After copious amounts of shopping the visit seemed to be over before it started.


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