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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hoi An and Hanoi bound

We didn't get up to much in the few days we had in Hoi An before we returned to Hanoi...the only thing of interest we managed to squeeze in was a cookery course at the Red Bridge restuarant, down the river from Hoi An town.
The tour started at 8am and it was a bit of a struggle getting to the designated meeting point of the Scout Cafe on time...after everyone had arrived we trapsed down to Hoi An market and were shown around the gigantic piles of fresh ingredients - plus a heads-up on the over-whelming quantities of MSG that are regularly sold in Vietnam!

We then boarded a boat down the river to the restaurant, bizarrely enough, we ended it up sharing the boat with my work colleague Pho and his wife and child, who quite by chance happened to have been in Hoi An for a long weekend, I actually did a double take thinking it just couldn't be him...so that's the second time I've had a weird 'are they really that person or am I going mad, as there's 82 million people in Vietnam, it surely couldn't be them, could it' moments...

The cookery class was pretty easy going and I think Felicity was very relieved to find that cooking isn't all that stressful. If anything she discovered a latent talent in food decoration, as I'm sure the pictures show!

Then it was all over, and Hanoi loomed again...


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